I know I drive my athletes crazy and most likely make them mad when I pick at them for overlooking the tiny details. When they skip one tiny detail of the warmup, when they forget to chalk their hands and when they don’t breath properly. Every time they skip a detail, I bark loud. Why? Because “Details Matter”! Details matter in every aspect of life from school, work, relationships, sports, driving your car, cooking and the list is endless. John Wooden the former UCLA Basketball coach said.” It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen”! Paying attention to detail not only decreases your chances for mistakes it also creates another very important and almost always overlooked quality. Training yourself to pay attention to details or do the little things teaches you how to discipline your mind. It trains you to be able to focus when the moment arises. Remember the story about Gideon in Joshua Chapter 7:5? Gideon was to divide the people by putting all those who got down on their hands and knees and licked the water with their tongue as a dog laps up water into one group, and all those who knelt down and stayed alert to drink into another group. There were 300 who knelt down on one knee and the rest went down on their hands and knees. Those who relaxed and got on their hands and knees were sent home. DETAILS MATTERDavid Lee Roth, the lead singer of the band Van Halen had a clause in each contract called the “M&M” clause. This clause stated that if any brown M&M’s were found in the bowl of M&M’s in the dressing room that the band could back out of the contract and not have to perform. Why? Not because David Lee Roth was a diva but because that if the venue staff overlooked this tiny detail it was almost guaranteed that other BIG details were overlooked such as pyrotechnics and sound. If those details were overlooked it was viewed as a reflection of the band and not the venue. That was totally unacceptable. DETAILS MATTER!

These are some of the mental training techniques we use at CHALK to train our ability to focus that produces discipline. We load the bar a very specific way. We CHALK our hands each and every set when we squat, deadlift, snatch and clean and jerk. Those are the most difficult lifts and they require focus. We go to the CHALK one way and come away focused and dialed in. We set up our area before we squat and deadlift, every time. Each person has a squat process and performs that every time. We wrap our wrist, tighten our belt and CHALK our hands the same way every time. We learn “Plate Management’ and are prepared to load any bar with a variety of plates to the assigned weight. We practice many other techniques and consider them tools for our success. These techniques train you to control your mind when under stress. When the environment is unfamiliar and sometimes unfriendly you have to be able to block out the external distractions and focus on the task at hand. If you cannot control your mind you will not be successful. If you cannot control your mind you will not lift the maximum weight. These techniques have to be practiced everyday. So yes I’m picky because these methods work. So if you want to train your mind, TRAIN THE TINY DETAILS!