CHALK is a gym for people who are frustrated and tired of what the current fitness industry offers. Group training and boot camps are on their way out. Why? Because they offer the same general cookie cutter program for everyone.  If you cannot do any of the exercises, you have to make it easier so you can do it or just skip it all together. That’s embarrassing and the workout is less effective. Putting inexperienced people in the same program as experienced people is intimidating and is a constant reminder that they have a long way to go. The Personal Training industry is a mess too. The value of personal training is poor, The rates can range from $50 to $125 per hour and that can get costly. Do the math! Because there are so many types of people, levels of fitness and individual differences, everyone should have their own program. That program should be unique and different for each person. When that happens you don’t feel inferior and uncomfortable. When everyone has their own program you are more likely to succeed..  When the cost is less you are able to train year round and that’s when exercise becomes beneficial for a lifetime.  CHALK is a gym that combines the membership fee, training/coaching fee and programming/workout routine fee all for one price. The equipment, the facility, the programming and coaching are designed to provide the optimal environment for training. Chalk is open to anyone who has a desire to pursue weight loss, beginning fitness training,post rehabilitation, competitive lifting or to have the best gym experience possible. You will always have a individualized program, you will never have to ask for help and you will never be allowed to fall through the cracks or allowed to fail.