When you join most gyms you’ll automatically have a basic membership fee of $50-$75 per month. That’s just to get you in the door. So what would you spend on a coach/trainer who taught you how to use the equipment, how to perform the exercise and was there every time you trained? For those who think they don’t need a coach and opt for the ONLINE PROGRAM, what will you spend? $75-$150 per month on a program on paper. Oh wait it’s Computerized! Woo hoo! If you’re already spending $75 per month and then you purchase an online program for $100 per month that makes you feel good then you’re at $175 for the month. What does that get you? Access through the doors to use mediocre equipment and words on paper which probably haven’t yielded much fruit.Definitely no coach with you to motivate you, watch to see if your technique is correct and to make sure you get RESULTS. At CHALK the membership is $195 per month. That’s $120 more than access to your average gym with a program and coach which comes down to $30 per week. That’s $6 per day which breaks down to $3 per hour. Please tell me where you can get a better deal than this! Seriously I want to go train there. this.