Are you the type of person who needs to train rather than just workout? An athlete who wants to become more? What would be the perfect gym for the person who is, or is ready, to become serious about weight training? Where would someone go who wanted to train in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, the sport of Powerlifting, Integrated Concurrent Crossover Training (ICCT) i.e., CrossFit training or all three? What if you wanted to train like an Olympic weightlifter and really focus on the technique of the snatch and clean and jerk? What if after a few months of Olympic weightlifting training you decided you wanted to do some ICCT conditioning. Sometimes after doing all that it’s just fun to go back to the basics and do a little Powerlifting and just get strong.dave_pasanella_powerlifting_usa

What if there was a gym that you could train as an Olympic weightlifter, a Powerlifter and a Crossfitter all under one roof? What if that same gym had world class training equipment and a coach who could design these programs at the professional level?


CHALK is a premier training facility dedicated to the sport Olympic weightlifting, the sport of Powerlifting and Integrated Concurrent Crossover Training (ICCT) i.e., CrossFit training. Chalk is a 4000+ sq ft facility in Birmingham, Al located on Hwy 280. We provide the highest quality competition rated equipment along with strength and conditioning coaching experience in division I and professional sports.  We offer coaching for Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Strength & Conditioning for everyone, in addition to educational seminars for both athletes and coaches.

The recent explosion of interest in the sport of weightlifting and the performance of the snatch and clean & jerk have created an unmet demand for more and better training and coaching.  As a longtime strength and conditioning coach, writer and lecturer Terry Grisham M.A., C.S.C.S and CHALK have decided to provide this expertise by opening a unique training facility solely dedicated to the science of weightlifting, powerlifting and strength and conditioning. CHALK will make available to the general public the training and coaching methods previously available only to division I and professional athletes.  

Terry Grisham – Owner / Head Coach