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Have you tried other programs or gyms and just never found the right fit?

Let Terry explain why your experience at Chalk with be different:


CHALK is a weight training gym that combines the membership, training & coaching, and your workout routine all for one price. The equipment, the facility, the programming and coaching are designed to provide the optimal environment for training.



Terry Grisham M.A., C.S.C.S.

Terry began his Strength & Conditioning career in 1984 at the University of Oklahoma. He studied under and was mentored by Pete Martinelli, head strength and conditioning coach at Oklahoma, and Joe Juraszek, assistant strength coach.


CHALK was fortunate enough to purchase the latest Eleiko equipment that was used for just two weeks at the 2015 World Championships in Houston.  The very platform and bar you use at Chalk may have been used by a World Champion. If you seek world-class equipment with professional coaching and programming, Chalk was created just for you.

Chalk is returning to the roots of exercise design and weight training. Chalk focuses on developing a unique program for the member rather than following blindly the current fads and systems of other fitness facilities and gyms that leave the member alone to reach their goals. We want to help preserve what we believe was the original intent of the fitness industry which was producing results for its members and providing a better quality of life.

Every CHALK Membership Includes:

Exercise Weight Loss Classes

Fitness Classes

Cross Training classes

Powerlifting classes

Olympic Weightlifting classes

Post Rehabilitation classes

Individualized Coaching & Instruction Tailored to Your Goals  ♦  Unlimited Custom Planned Training Sessions ♦  Nutrient Timing Planning  ♦  Sports Medicine & Recovery Guidance  ♦  Training Equipment Recommendations

Compare $195 PER MONTH
for every service 

That’s less than $50 per week
and less than $10 per day!

Other gyms and fitness facilities:

membership fee ($50)
plus personal training 
($50 per 1 hr session)
or class cost ($25 per class)

Come in for a free 2 DAY PASS!

Once you experience the
difference you’ll be hooked! 

Terry trains and competes using equipment and apparel from SBD.

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I’ve known Terry Grisham since I was a freshman at LSU. He truly is one of the reasons I have had such a long career in baseball.

Paul Byrd

Former Starting Pitcher - Cleveland Indians, More...

As a former US Army Special Forces operator and NCAA Division I athlete, I understand the work and commitment necessary for peak physical performance.

Derek Zahler

Author, The Tactical Fitness Manifesto, More...

I first met Terry in 1980 when he joined the OU Weightlifting Club as a sophomore in high school. I remember his intense desire to train. Even at 15 yrs old, I could tell he was destined to become a great athlete and coach.

Stephen Miller

USAW Senior International Level Coach, More...

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